Reduce legal costs and contract administration burdens

SoundLegal Client Case Study

How we helped a client negotiate the contract to reduce legal costs and contract administration burdens


Finishing trade subcontractor


Refit of office space in Perth CBD commercial building

Client concerns:

  • 200 page heavily amended standard form contract, even though scope was straightforward and anticipated fee was <$70k
  • Principal’s designer had specified a highly customised product, that had to be manufactured overseas, had a long lead time and had to be paid for up-front

SoundLegal solution:

Negotiation strategies and coaching for subcontractor to approach lead contractor and request a contract more suited to scope, with proportionate allocation of risk, and a contribution to the upfront payment for materials


  • 15 page minor works contract, that everyone could understand
  • Significantly reduced legal costs and contract administration obligations for both parties
  • 30% up front payment, so that subcontractor was not carrying the cost of the materials for 3+ months
  • one very happy subcontractor!

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