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Gemma recently assisted with drafting my client contracts. Gemma made the whole process easy and has provided easy to understand contracts that both myself and my clients. I would highly recommend Gemma’s services.

Narelle Wilson

Whitney Consulting engaged Gemma to update our Terms of Engagement and review a Subcontractor agreement. Gemma is lovely to work with. Comprehensive legal advice that is also realistic and works with you to achieve what you want. Thanks a lot Gemma!

Tara Whitney

When Gemma speaks, people listen. Whether that is about technically complex areas of law or how to run a business, she is clear, concise and constructive.

Conrad Liveris

We were extremely fortunate to have Gemma speak at one of our networking breakfasts. Gemmas ability to convey the importance of terms and conditions and other legal tools in a manner that resonated with our members was really well received and easy to understand.

Dan Bailey

Gemma at SoundLegal provided clear and concise contractual advice that resulted in a simple and successful negotiation of agreeable contract terms between my small company and a multinational Engineering Procurement and Construction organisation. Gemma’s timely responses and on-point comments could not have been more helpful.

Greg Stewart

It was a pleasure working with SoundLegal, Gemma was wonderful, she listen to the small detail and was very professional with her work, I would definitely recommend SoundLegal.

Ran Weinreb

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