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Value-based, fixed fee pricing for comprehensive services

SoundLegal is dedicated to producing straightforward, plain-English legal advice. Our services are underpinned by the philosophy that practical solutions exist for your specific needs. 
By engaging with SoundLegal, you are choosing to work with fast, reliable lawyers who will work quickly and effectively to get to know your company and provide simple, realistic solutions. SoundLegal combines professionalism and a solid corporate background with financially sound objectives, offering consultations for businesses who need guidance, advice and representation around: 
Contractual obligations and risk
Contract negotiations
Business structure and corporate relationships
Terms and Conditions
Agency and contractor agreements
Employment Contracts
Commercial leasing

You need: A short term, contracted legal service to cover a period of high demand in your business, to fill a gap left by parental or long service leave, or as an alternative to recruiting a permanent legal resource.

We provide: A cost-effective, professional and flexible legal resource that can adapt to periods of high or low demand in your organisation, provided for your convenience either remotely or in your office.  
You need: General commercial legal advice relating to any facet of your business operations.

We provide: Easy to understand and practical legal solutions to help you appreciate and protect yourself from risks concerning: 
+ corporate structure
+ shareholdings
+ business succession
+ intellectual property
+ employment
+ privacy
+ procurement
+ leases 
You need: An intermediary or mediator between your business and your external legal advisors, translating legal jargon for your management and project teams.

We provide: Freelance management of one-off complex legal projects or litigation, including liaising with external legal advisors and overseeing internal legal teams. 
You need: A contract or request for proposal reviewed urgently to support your development of a bid or tender response for an infrastructure, construction, engineering or design services project.

We provide: A professional, carefully checked clarifications schedule or table of departures highlighting major legal issues and proposing practical amendments intended to achieve an appropriate balance of risk between the parties. This includes advice on a range of delivery models including: 
+ design services
+ consultant engineering services
+ construction
+ design and construct
+ Australian standard contracts
+ Alliancing and other collaborative relationship agreements
+ master services and framework agreements

You need: To reinforce your existing risk management strategies by upskilling your commercial team.

We provide: Development and delivery of training on contractual and commercial legal issues to commercial managers and salespeople, tailored specifically to industry/audience.