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Our Why

SoundLegal has been built on a strong foundation of legal advice with a straight-forward, understandable style that gives you clear objectives for your business. 
SoundLegal aims to help SMEs in the engineering, construction, consulting and light industrial space manage their risk to support business growth, by finding practical, common sense solutions to contractual and other legal challenges.
Guided by Gemma Nugent, the philosophy of SoundLegal is defined by four key objectives:
  • Offering accessible, practical and timely solutions to legal challenges
  • Agreeing competitive, value-based pricing and fixed fees
  • Cultivating and nurturing long term client relationships by being transparent, professional and trustworthy in all of our dealings
  • Delivering pragmatic, plain-English legal advice
These objectives are built into the day-to-day workings at SoundLegal, which ensures we put our clients first and offer realistic legal advice to achieve best-for-project outcomes.

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