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I don’t know where to start to assess legal risks in my business

I don’t know where to start to assess legal risks in my business…
Sound like you?

It used to really surprise me that my clients were so oblivious to the legal risks in their business. Eventually I realised that the idea of legal risk can feel so enormous and overwhelming that it seems easier to stay in blissful ignorance.

Risk is not an inherently bad thing… after all, if there is no risk, there’s probably no growth either. But legal risk management is an essential part of every effective business strategy.

If that overwhelm and fear of legal risk sounds a little bit like your business, maybe this will help. I’ve developed a handy little conversation starter, by breaking common legal risks down into 5 categories: contract, non-contract, compliance, disputes and rights. I’ve provided some operational examples and some broad risk management suggestions for each category.

Let me know if it helps your business to start the conversation about risk.